Thursday, 24 November 2011

Dravidatva: The nation, race and religion of backward castes, Dalits and Adivasis in all of India is “Dravidian” (and NOT Hindu!)

The term "Dravidian" should be used as a common racial anthropological term to denote people of all backward caste and Dalit descent all over India. This is based on Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar's writing that all the people oppressed by the caste system in all of India, (backward castes, Dalits and Adivasis included), were all descendants of the ancient Dravidian Naga people who spoke the Tamil language in all of India, who were later enslaved by the graded caste supremacist hierarchical racist system, and ended up speaking different languages due to the linguistic influence and mixture of other languages which entered India, including the "Aryan" language of Sanskrit, Persian, Turkish, etc. Hence backward castes, Dalits and Adivasis in all of India should be described as “Dravidian” in their racial heritage, and the rural and indigenous religions of Dalits and backward castes (Bahujans) should be described as Dravidian religions, and not as Hinduism. This is also because Hindu law strictly limits "scriptural and sacramental" membership of Vedic Sanathan Dharma (Hinduism) to only "twice born" (Brahman, Kshatriya and Baniya- Vysya) castes. Hence, the rural and indigenous religions of Dalits, backward castes and Adivasis which have nothing to do with Brahmanic Vedic Hinduism (Sanathan Dharma) should all be generally identified as "Dravidian religions" based on the common anthropological and racial heritage of backward castes, Dalits and Adivasis, in accordance with the aforesaid Ambedkarite anthropological perspective.  All individual caste names of backward castes and Dalits should be banned, and people should be simply given community certificates generally as Dravidian Bahujans (for "backward castes" and “most backward castes”) and Dravidian Dalits (for "scheduled castes"), and children of marriage between Dalits and non-Dalits should be denoted as "casteless Dravidians" and given affirmative action accordingly. Even indigenous (scheduled) tribes should be described as Dravidian tribes, even though indigenous tribal names can continue (unlike individual caste names of backward castes and Dalits all of which should be banned).

"Dravidian" is not a term that carries a "narrow" meaning of "South Indian" as it is misinterpreted, but is a racial anthropological term describing all backward caste, Dalit and Adivasi peoples in all religions in all of India, as per Ambedkarite thought. Hence the term "Dravidian" is racially inclusive of all Dravidians in Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism and all other non-Hindu religions, irrespective of the language they speak, which gives an inclusive national, racial and anthropological identity without persecuting any religious minority. Hence "Dravidatva" should be the anthropological and racial tool of all peoples oppressed by the caste system and "twice born" racist supremacy, to challenge and destroy "Hindutva". Even the name of India should be changed from "Republic of India" to "Republic of Dravida". This will be in tune with Ambedkarite perspective and ideology. 

The Brahman led "twice born" Hindu supremacy and graded caste supremacist system unleashed by the latter that sustains the segregation between backward castes and Dalits which causes atrocities against Dalits, should be countered by a broader agenda that incorporates Periyarist Ambedkarite principles. This broader agenda should include the following: banning all caste descent based degrading and inhumane occupations, building public projects like schools, government offices, hospitals and wells in segregated Dalit ghettos and colonies so that other backward castes who use them are integrated with Dalits, providing housing to Dalits inside the village, town and cities to end segregation of Dalits in ghettos and slums, and most importantly, opening up temple priesthood in all temples to Dalits and backward castes to end the theological fountain of untouchability in Hindu scriptures, and banning of all caste names while continuing affirmative action under the terms   Dravidian Bahujans  (for "backward castes" ) and Dravidian Dalits (for “scheduled castes"), while children of marriage between non-Dalits and Dalits should be declared as “casteless Dravidians”, and given affirmative action accordingly. Most importantly, it will also require a ban on "forcing" the Hindu label on backward castes (Bahujans), Dalits and Adivasis (since Hindu law recognises only "twice born" caste people – Brahmans – Vysya Baniyas - Kshatriyas) as the "only" scriptural and sacramental members of Hinduism), and hence, the rural and indigenous religions of Dalits, Adivasis and backward castes should not be called as Hinduism but as Dravidian religions.  The Indian law which states that "all" people who are not Jews, Christians, Muslims and Zoroastrians are “all Hindus" should be abrogated. Even atheists, Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains are legally forced with the Hindu label by the aforesaid legal regime and by other constitutional provisions which should be ended.  Rural indigenous Dravidian religions of Dalits, Adivasis and Bahujans (backward castes) should be recognised separately from the Sanathan Dharma (Hinduism) of "twice born" Brahmanical racists.  While religion based civil law can be preserved for Jews, Christians, Muslims and Parsis, secular civil law should be instituted for all other Dravidians (such as Dalits, Bahujans - backward castes, Adivasis, atheists, Jains, Buddhists, Sikhs, and other religionists) and the so called Hindu Civil Law (Hindu Law) which is based on bigoted scriptures such as Manusmiruthi should be totally abrogated and destroyed.  Affirmative action for Dalits and backward castes should be extended irrespective of their religious affiliation and atheism. The planning commission should be compelled by law to allocate sufficient funds for the special component plan for scheduled castes which should be ensured for the use of empowerment and integration of Dalits along lines outlined above. A similar planning allocation should also be instituted for the development of the “most” backward castes. Affirmative action should be extended for Dravidian backward castes, Dalits and Adivasis in all private institutions, businesses and corporations.

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