Friday, 8 August 2014

Swstika as a symbol of Hindu extremist religiosity:

The following is the comment I wrote regarding the Australian play "Ganesh Vs the Third Reich" which explores the use of the Swastika by the German Nazis and by Hindu religionists: Hindu ultra-nationalist ideologues drawn from the upper castes in India claim that Brahmins and upper caste Hindus are of "Aryan" (Indo-European) heritage despite their brown skin and celebrate the Indo-European language Sanskrit (which is no longer spoken except by Brahmin priests) as their linguistic heritage, while deriding, discriminating and oppressing against those who are in the lower echelons of the vertically graded caste system (lower castes) and those who are segregated from the caste system (outcast untouchables who assert themselves as "Dalits"). The lower castes (also referred to as "backward castes") and Dalits are considered to be of non-Aryan indigenous descent and are denied equal social status with the Brahmins (who are at the pinnacle of the vertically graded caste system) and other upper castes. Progressive minded Indians may consider "Swastika" in India very much as a symbol of Hindu fascist bigotry and Hindu religious extremism just as the "Swastika" of the Nazis was a symbol of German fascism. From this perspective, the above play is absurd because it excludes and ignores the use of Swastika as a symbol of religious extremism and fascism, or at the least as a symbol of reactionary bigotry in the social milieu of India.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Brahmin bureaucratic oligarchy: Amending a law to enable Nripendra Mishra to become Principal Secretary to the PM:

The entrenchment and promotion of Brahmin bureaucratic oligarchy under the Hindu nationalist dispensation under Narendra Modi cannot be better exemplified than the atrocious introduction of the Telecom Regulatory Authority Amendment bill, which was done to particularly enable the former TRAI Chairman Nripendra Mishra to get appointed as the Principal Secretary of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all because he is seen as a Brahmin who has endeared himself to Hindu nationalists. Since a retired TRAI chairman was barred from holding a government position again by the TRAI Act, the Act was specially amended to enable Nripendra Mishra to be appointed as the Prime Minister's Principal Secretary! Such an amendment of a parliamentary legislation simply to enable a single person to gain an official position of power is unheard of in independent India, and if the same thing (amending an existing law) was done to enable a backward caste person or a scheduled caste bureaucrat to take up a new official Government position, the mainstream media controlled by Brahmins, Baniyas and their appeasers would have cried foul! But in the case of amending the TRAI law to enable Nripendra Mishra to work as the Prime Minister's principal secretary, the Brahmin - Baniya media is expectedly silent, since one of their own and a Hindu nationalist appeaser  - is gaining the powerful office of the Prime Minister's principal secretary! The immorality and intellectual dishonesty of the Brahmin - Baniya run manistream media is matched only by their own bigotry!

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Appeasement of Zionist crimes against humanity by Hindu nationalist zealots:

The Indian Government headed by the Hindu nationalists under Narendra Modi has refused to allow any Parliamentary discussion of the invasion of Gaza and the genocide perpetrated by Israeli forces on Palestinian civilians and their children. The Israeli media has gone gaga over Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj over her shameless stand of refusing to issue even a banal statement on the situation in Gaza which smacks of outright bigotry and bias against the Palestinians. Hindu fanatic ultra-nationalists have always fawned over Zionists, and both of them are strange bedfellows, with the RSS ideologues drawn from Brahmins and “twice born” upper castes extolling their Aryan heritage and their Aryan (Indo-European) Sanskrit language and related notions of bigoted superiority (despite their present day brown skin), while Zionists claim to justify their racially and religiously exclusivist apartheid colonialism over Palestinians in the name of victimhood at the hands of those who extolled the same Aryan heritage! This only shows that Zionists are in fact hypocritical and opportunistic racists who are expediently using and exploiting Nazi crimes against humanity and Nazi perpetrated genocide of the Jews to justify their own imperialist and colonial enterprise which was exemplified by a recent essay by a Zionist columnist in the Israeli times which openly advocated genocide of Palestinians (click on the following two links here: ; ). The Hindu fanatic ultranationalists may support Israelis because of their shared hatred for anything Islamic, which only exposes the fact that both of them (Hindu nationalists and Zionists) are swimming in the gutter of bigotry and genocide. I am sure next time the Hindu nationalists organize a pogrom of mass murder, pillage and rape against Muslims or Christians, Zionists will return the favour by refusing to condemn it just as the Israelis never condemned the 2002 anti-Muslim pogrom in Gujarat under the stewardship of Narendra Modi in which thousands of Muslims were gruesomely mass murdered, raped and pillaged!  

All right thinking and objective Indian citizens should hang their heads in shame over the stand of the current Indian Government headed by Hindu nationalist zealots which  refuses to even address the current plight of Palestinians in Gaza. As an Indian citizen, I say – not in my name!

Not democracy but Brahmin bureaucratic oligarchy:

“Deccan Chronicle” and other media organs reported recently that bureaucrats have greater power and ministers have been marginalized, under Narendra Modi. Nothing can be more undemocratic. Bureaucrats are unelected officials and have to be directed and controlled by the elected representatives and not the other way around. The central government bureaucracy which is predominantly populated by Brahmins and upper castes will have a field day under Narendra Modi executing their own agenda at the expense of the welfare and human rights of the working masses of India derided bigotedly as “Shudras” and “Panchamas” in the Hindu religious scriptures, and that is what the RSS and its Hindutva allies want anyways. Given a chance, RSS and the Hindutva extremist brigade will turn India into a oligarchical dictatorship run by Brahmin bureaucrats just as Brahmin ministers ruled and determined the fate of various Indian Kingdoms in the past despite the presence of a monarchy. Whether it is a monarchy or democracy, Brahmins and upper castes want to rule by proxy, by controlling the higher bureaucracy, higher judiciary and mainstream media, since they cannot get elected by the backward caste and scheduled caste working masses of India in recent times, unless they get a backward caste underling like Narendra Modi to enable Brahmins rule in his name (just as Kings and Queens did in medieval India). It would not be a surprise that many of these Brahmins in the Indian bureaucracy, judiciary, media or even the military happen to be Hindu fanatic zealots (just as the Supreme Court judge Dave who openly stated that he wanted to make teaching of the Hindu scripture “Bhagvad Gita” compulsory in the schools of India), and one wonders how such a bigot who has scant regard for the fundamental rights provided by the constitution of India which ensures the secular nature of the Indian state can become a judge in the first place! But with the Hindu nationalists busy with drafting the new Judicial appointments bill that does away with the collegium system and allows the Government to directly appoint Judges – one can see more naked Hindu fanatics like Judge Dave getting appointed to the higher courts of India.