Thursday, 23 February 2012

On Lok Pal and Corruption:

Oskar Schindler was a corrupt businessman but he saved thousands of Jews from certain murder. Adolf Hitler may not have received a bribe but he was a totalitarian mass murderer. Therefore, being corrupt does not make someone automatically a bad human being. The Brahman led upper caste media’s obsession with financial corruption of (non- "twice born") politicians and bureaucrats  and the fact that the Anna Hazare movement is propped up by the "twice born" upper castes belies the "twice born" upper caste led ruling class’ and media class’  bigoted supremacist agenda to persecute the political representatives and bureaucrats of backward caste and Dalit background by focusing on the financial corruption of backward caste and Dalit politicians and bureaucrats, while the caste system and Brahman led "twice born" upper caste ruling class’ bigotry which is the fountainhead of oppression of hundreds of millions of "Shudra" and Dalit masses by impoverishment, social exclusion, illiteracy, homelessness and atrocities, are  overlooked and hidden from the media’s agenda. 

To mention an analogy, focusing on the alleged financial corruption of backward caste and Dalit politicians and bureaucrats at the expense of ignoring varied manifestations of the bigoted caste system (such as the violent  oppression, social exclusion, birth based graded supremacist bigotry, illiteracy, bondage to caste descent based degrading labour, homelessness, atrocities, poverty and Brahmin supremacist and "twice born" castes' supremacist control over the state machinery and media as the ruling class of castes) is like advocating against the alleged financial corruption of black African politicians and bureaucrats while ignoring the bigotry, social exclusion and oppression of racist apartheid in the erstwhile apartheid South Africa. 

Current Indian laws are enough to tackle corruption and the Lok Pal Law advocated by the "twice born" upper caste coterie controlling Anna Hazare is nothing but a  law aimed at creating an extra-constitutional - dictatorial - anti-democratic super governmental body which can be controlled by the Brahmin led "twice born" supremacist caste elites without accountability to people or elections and which can over-ride the elected parliament of the people. Lok Pal is nothing but a Brahmin led upper caste project to create a extra-constitutional and dictatorial body that would over-ride the elected political representatives and their government, supersede elected parliament and serve as a dictatorial body that will serve the Brahmin led "twice born" elite of India. 

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