Tuesday, 17 September 2013

This is Ms.Nina Davuluri, dark skinned "Dravidian" Shudra woman of Telugu speaking descent who won the Miss America pageant! The fact of the matter is that she would have never won even a college beauty contest in India, where "fair skin" has been psycho-socially instilled as a prerequisite for beauty by the supremacist and bigoted Brahmin and upper caste elites of "Indo-Aryan" (Persian) descent who control the Indian mainstream media apart from being the governing classes of India!

It is hypocritical that the Brahmin and upper caste controlled Indian mainstream media are criticizing some Americans who tweeted racist comments against the crowning of a woman of Indian descent with the Miss America title, when the Indian mainstream media is complicit in perpetrating the racist myth of "fair is beautiful" through its preference for fair skinned women and men in advertisements, commercials, media imagery and feature films, and through the media's patronage of the massive multi-billion dollar "skin whitening cream industry" which floods television channels and journals with countless advertisements for skin whitening creams such as "fair and lovely" for both men and women! It is high time that a law was brought to ban skin whitening creams in India and advertisement of such creams should be banned in India on the basis of racism, and all kinds of discrimination based on skin color along with caste descent should be comprehensively outlawed in India (which is yet to happen)!

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