Thursday, 7 August 2014

Brahmin bureaucratic oligarchy: Amending a law to enable Nripendra Mishra to become Principal Secretary to the PM:

The entrenchment and promotion of Brahmin bureaucratic oligarchy under the Hindu nationalist dispensation under Narendra Modi cannot be better exemplified than the atrocious introduction of the Telecom Regulatory Authority Amendment bill, which was done to particularly enable the former TRAI Chairman Nripendra Mishra to get appointed as the Principal Secretary of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all because he is seen as a Brahmin who has endeared himself to Hindu nationalists. Since a retired TRAI chairman was barred from holding a government position again by the TRAI Act, the Act was specially amended to enable Nripendra Mishra to be appointed as the Prime Minister's Principal Secretary! Such an amendment of a parliamentary legislation simply to enable a single person to gain an official position of power is unheard of in independent India, and if the same thing (amending an existing law) was done to enable a backward caste person or a scheduled caste bureaucrat to take up a new official Government position, the mainstream media controlled by Brahmins, Baniyas and their appeasers would have cried foul! But in the case of amending the TRAI law to enable Nripendra Mishra to work as the Prime Minister's principal secretary, the Brahmin - Baniya media is expectedly silent, since one of their own and a Hindu nationalist appeaser  - is gaining the powerful office of the Prime Minister's principal secretary! The immorality and intellectual dishonesty of the Brahmin - Baniya run manistream media is matched only by their own bigotry!

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