Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Not democracy but Brahmin bureaucratic oligarchy:

“Deccan Chronicle” and other media organs reported recently that bureaucrats have greater power and ministers have been marginalized, under Narendra Modi. Nothing can be more undemocratic. Bureaucrats are unelected officials and have to be directed and controlled by the elected representatives and not the other way around. The central government bureaucracy which is predominantly populated by Brahmins and upper castes will have a field day under Narendra Modi executing their own agenda at the expense of the welfare and human rights of the working masses of India derided bigotedly as “Shudras” and “Panchamas” in the Hindu religious scriptures, and that is what the RSS and its Hindutva allies want anyways. Given a chance, RSS and the Hindutva extremist brigade will turn India into a oligarchical dictatorship run by Brahmin bureaucrats just as Brahmin ministers ruled and determined the fate of various Indian Kingdoms in the past despite the presence of a monarchy. Whether it is a monarchy or democracy, Brahmins and upper castes want to rule by proxy, by controlling the higher bureaucracy, higher judiciary and mainstream media, since they cannot get elected by the backward caste and scheduled caste working masses of India in recent times, unless they get a backward caste underling like Narendra Modi to enable Brahmins rule in his name (just as Kings and Queens did in medieval India). It would not be a surprise that many of these Brahmins in the Indian bureaucracy, judiciary, media or even the military happen to be Hindu fanatic zealots (just as the Supreme Court judge Dave who openly stated that he wanted to make teaching of the Hindu scripture “Bhagvad Gita” compulsory in the schools of India), and one wonders how such a bigot who has scant regard for the fundamental rights provided by the constitution of India which ensures the secular nature of the Indian state can become a judge in the first place! But with the Hindu nationalists busy with drafting the new Judicial appointments bill that does away with the collegium system and allows the Government to directly appoint Judges – one can see more naked Hindu fanatics like Judge Dave getting appointed to the higher courts of India. 

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