Sunday, 11 December 2011

Keeping the Bahujan - Dalit masses in perpetual conflict and violence:

The Brahman – Baniya “twice born” supremacist ruling establishment that controls India – has always liked to keep the Shudra (backward castes), Dalit, Adivasi, Muslim and Christian people in perpetual conflict, division and violence against each other.  This is done to ensure that the majority masses of India (backward castes, Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims) do not unite against the Brahman – Baniya (Vysya) - Kshatriya “twice born” apartheid bigoted clique that has monopolized power as the ruling class of India. The caste system has been designed for this purpose so that Dalits live in perpetual segregation and violence, while backwards castes are divided in a system of graded inequality of castes. Religious pogroms against Muslims (and Christians) are fanned through the Hindutva ideology for this same purpose. An additional way of keeping the backward caste (Bahujan) – Dalit masses in perpetual conflict and violence is to fan ethnic conflict along the lines of linguistic identities, such as creating ethnic conflicts around issues such as the Mullai Periyar dam or sharing of Kaveri river waters.  The ire of the Dalit – Bahujan masses in Tamil Nadu and Kerala should be directed against the Brahman – Baniya (Vysya) – Kshatriya “twice born” ruling castes that control the national leadership of national parties such as Congress, BJP and CPI (M) and the media, and their appeasing castes such as "Nayars" (who take pride in their bastard descent  from a tradition that mandated illegitimate coupling between Brahman men and Nayar women), who fan ethnic conflicts around issues such as Mullai Periyar dam, by posing double faces, one for the people of Kerala and another for the people in Tamil Nadu. It is the Bahujan (backward caste) – Dalit masses of Kerala and Tamil Nadu who have been instigated against each other over the Mullai Periyar dam, while no Brahman or Nayar from Kerala and Tamil Nadu is attacking each other. With regards to the Mullai Periyaru dam, both the Central Water Commission and the Supreme Court have confirmed the safety of the dam and allowed for the water level to be raised to 142 feet. This  conclusion was arrived at by additionally considering the extensive reconstruction and strengthening measured undertaken on the Mullai Periyaru dam using state of the art technology. This being the case - the Brahman leadership of "national" parties such as Congress, BJP and CPI (M), along with their appeasing castes such as the Nayars who constitute the ruling class of Kerala are fanning a mass mysteria and fear psychosis by falsely claiming that the dam is unsafe.   As a matter of fact both Tamil speaking Brahmans (such as V.R.Krishna Iyer) and Kerala based Brahmans (and Brahmans from outside of Tamil Nadu) have all been supporting Kerala’s stand over the dam through their media organs. 

Other "twice born" castes such as Kayasthas and Baidyas of Bengal aid in this aforesaid agenda of  the Brahman and allied "twice born" ruling classes to divide and rule the Indian masses through various methods as described above, just as some Kerala non-twice born castes such as Nayars, Menons and Syrian Christians who consider themselves as descendants of Brahmans and are appeasers of Brahmans and Brahmanism, and some other dominant castes amongst Shudras who appease Brahmans and allied "twice born" agenda in various states. 

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