Monday, 12 December 2011

Some thoughts on Periyar:

I feel a need to counter the canard and false propaganda against Periyar that is being spread by the likes of S. Anand (Anand Navayana), Ravi Kumar and Chandrabhan Prasad amongst people outside Tamil Nadu who cannot read the rebuttals to this calumny against Periyar in Tamil journals such as “Dalit Murasu” and who have not been exposed to the atheist – caste annihilating – freethinking – rationalist – feminist – ideals of Periyarist thought which fundamentally seeks the destruction of Hinduism.

I feel that the "twice born" Hindu caste supremacists led by Brahmans have spearheaded a false propaganda against Periyar through proxy writers in order to prevent the spread of Periyar's radical - atheist - rationalist - humanist - anti-caste - anti-Hindu ideology for annihilation of castes and destruction of Hinduism, a religion which has unleashed misery, exploitation and oppression on the masses through graded caste supremacist racist system.  Periyar's ideas are seen by "twice born" Hindu racist supremacists as more of a threat to Brahmanical Hinduism than Babasaheb Ambedkar, due to Periyar’s potential appeal to all “non-twice born” backward castes and Dalits, because the Brahmans have succeeded in creating a false image of restricting Babsaheb Ambedkar  as a leader only for Dalits, when in reality Babsaheb Dr. Ambedkar is a leader for all Dravidian (Bahujan – Dalit) peoples oppressed by the caste system who called for annihilation of all castes. Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar also called for solidarity between backward castes and Dalits.  But since Periyar has not been co-opted with such restrictive labels, Brahmans and "twice born" bigots feel a need to defame and distort Periyar with lies by using proxy writers to misrepresent and malign Periyar.

Periyar worked for the liberation of all peoples oppressed by the caste system including Dalits. Periyar conducted wrote, spoke and took socio-political action on many occasions for Dalit rights.  But just as Babasaheb Ambedkar, Periyar emphasized the need for annihilation of castes and liberation of masses from the Hindu fold. To state that Periyar did not fight against the caste system but only against Brahmans is another blatant lie. Periyar called for the annihilation of all castes and also called for empowerment of all oppressed castes (backwards castes and Dalits) as long as the inequities of the caste system existed. When the Brahman bigot Rajaji brought in a law that forced school children to work in caste descent based degrading and inhumane occupations, which affected Dalits predominantly, Periyar fought that law tooth and nail and got it abrogated. One of Periyar's legacies is banning the use of caste names in people's surnames, not that it managed to annihilate caste bigotry totally but it was a manifestation of Periyar's ideological legacy to annihilate all castes. Periyar even advocated secession of Tamil Nadu from India to bring in laws to abolish the caste system. Periyar's separatism was motivated by annihilation of castes and not by ethnic nationalism. Periyar never said anything abusive against Dalit men or women but on the contrary emphasized the liberation of Dalits through religious conversion to Islam.  It is also total falsehood to state that Periyar did not attack Hinduism. Periyar spent all his life attacking all aspects of Hinduism. It was Periyar's radical and no holds barred attack on Hinduism, Hindu Gods, Hindu caste system, untouchability and Hindu scriptures, which included the breaking of idols of Hindu deities and burning the images of “Rama” that makes "twice born" Hindu bigots led by Brahmans (and their Hindutva cohorts) to perceive Periyar as more of a threat than Babasaheb Ambedkar, which has led writers on the pay of Hindutva interests to defame and distort Periyar with lies. It is a shame that such appeasers of Hindutva and Brahmanist racism have infiltrated the Ambedkarite movement. 

Periyar himself was a campaigning atheist who disowned Hinduism. Periyar introduced and obtained legal sanction for marriages conducted without profane Hindu rituals and devoid of Brahman priests. Periyar spent all his life attacking Hinduism and seeking the annihilation of the caste system, and agitated for all peoples oppressed by the caste system, both the backward castes and Dalits. Periyar organised and participated in campaigns and agitations for Dalits. A string of malicious lies about Periyar cannot become truth. S.Anand has viciously and vehemently misrepresented Periyar in many of his writings using lies and falsehood, which only belies an anger against Periyar by a Brahman racist supremacist. 

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