Thursday, 8 December 2011

Lok Pal seeks to target Bahujans (backward castes) and Dalits!

Oskar Schindler was a corrupt businessman but he saved thousands of Jews from certain murder. Adolf Hitler may not have received a bribe but he was a totalitarian mass murderer. Therefore, being corrupt does not make someone automatically a bad human being. The Brahman led upper caste media’s obsession with financial corruption and the Anna Hazare movement propped up by the upper castes belies the upper caste ruling class’ and media class’  bigoted supremacist agenda to persecute the political representatives and bureaucrats of backward caste and Dalit background by focusing on financial corruption of backward caste and Dalit politicians and bureaucrats, while the the caste system and Brahman led upper caste ruling class’ bigotry which are the fountainhead of oppression of hundreds of millions by impoverishment, social exclusion, illiteracy, homelessness and atrocities, are  overlooked and hidden from the media’s agenda. 

The major problem that India faces is caste bigotry and not corruption, since caste bigotry is the primary cause for social inequality, denial of literacy, enforced poverty, child labour, gender prejudice, caste bondage to degrading and inhumane labour, and manifold forms of discrimination against Dalits and most backward castes which entrenches them as an underclass. Caste bigotry is the primary cause for keeping the Bahujan (backward caste) and Dalit masses of India in illiteracy, disease, insanitation, homelessness and poverty, since the "twice born" Hindu supremacist ruling class of Brahman - Baniya - Kshatriyas have prevented state investment in a social welfare state in order to permanently consign backward castes and Dalits to illiteracy, disease, homelessness and insanitation. On the other hand, the worst form of financial corruption that is defrauding the nation is not the petty corruption of government officials or legislators, but the Brahman - Baniya - Kshatriya led "twice born" ruling castes' hold on power, bureaucracy and big business that is looting thousands of billions of dollars from the treasury of India, through unwanted arms purchases, cosy corporate deals and waiver of income tax to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars that benefits corporate houses controlled by Brahman - Baniya led "twice born" supremacist ruling class. The Brahman led "twice born" supremacist castes who control the Indian media have concealed this defrauding and impoverishment of Indian masses that has been going for centuries ever since the caste system took hold on India. 

This is not a blog that condones financial corruption, but it only condemns the selective application of anti-corruption institutions against Dalit and backward caste legislators and government staff. The need of the hour is reformation of a colonial police system that will enforce existing laws against corruption and strong laws against corporate corruption, but not a supra-governmental and unelected body such as Lok Pal that will hold the elected government to ransom by selectively bullying and victimizing legislators and government staff of Dalit and backward caste background. Lok Pal will be misused for partisan purposes against prime minister and ministers if they happen to be of backward caste or Dalit descent. 

India is a society where corruption is the basis for existence due to the racism of graded inequality of castes and the bigotry of the Brahman-Baniya "twice born" supremacists who are at the top of the bigoted Hindu caste system as the governing class of India who immensely enriched themselves with a monopoly on corruption and power for centuries. Now the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" governing class want to prevent the enrichment of backward castes and Dalits through the same processes of corruption that enriched (and is still enriching) the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes for centuries. This is being done by the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" classes through championing a new law called Lok Pal (and the Anna Hazare campaign) which primarily targets backward castes and Dalits who gain employment with the government through reservation (affirmative action). 

The Brahman - Baniya "twice born" bigots know fully well that the entire social system in India is corrupt and is based on caste nepotism and corruption. The Brahman - Baniya led "twice born" castes benefited immensely from their monopoly on power, corruption and caste nepotism for centuries, during British rule and after independence, and the Brahman led "twice born" castes never organised any movement against corruption when there was no threat to their power from the backward castes and Dalits. Due to their centuries of corruption, the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes are entrenched as the governing apartheid class (castes) of India, controlling the government, bureaucracy, army, judiciary, business corporations, academia, arts and the media. 

But after the advent of "Mandal" politics and reservation for backward castes and Dalits in education and government employment, the Brahman - Baniya  "twice born" castes resented the spread of wealth amongst the backward castes and Dalits, and particularly disliked the rise of political leaders who represented backward castes and Dalits. Hence, the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes are using the Anna Hazare campaign and the Lok Pal Law to prevent the spread of wealth and power amongst backward castes and Dalits, knowing fully well that in a society where corruption is the norm, backward castes and Dalits who are new entrants to education, employment and political power - cannot be immune to corruption. Thus the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" elite who benefited from their monopoly on power and corruption for centuries, want to prevent the enrichment and empowerment of backward castes and Dalits through the same processes of corruption that hitherto benefited only the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes. 

Now, after economic liberalisation and globalisation, the corruption of the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes has taken a different form and is mostly corporate in nature, and hence the new Lok Pal law does not target corporate corruption, but only targets petty corruption of government officials who may be from backward caste and Dalit background since the advent of affirmative action (reservation) for backward castes and Dalits in government jobs. 

Just as Babasaheb Dr. Ambedkar denounced, the fundamental aims of Brahman - Baniya "twice born" ruling classes (castes) is to deny education, wealth, power and equality to the "Shudras" (backward castes) and Dalits, by securing a monopoly for the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes as the chief authorities controlling power and immense wealth (big business) as the governing class (castes) of India. Hence, the so called "anti-corruption" movement using Anna Hazare is actually a movement sponsored and controlled by Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes to target and prevent politicians, government officials and government employees from backward castes and Dalit background from enriching and empowering themselves with the same processes of corruption which hitherto enriched and empowered the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" castes. This is being done by the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" ruling class (castes) to selectively target politicians, elected representatives and government officials belonging to backward caste and Dalit background who do not toe the line of "twice born" ruling classes, and to prevent the backward castes and Dalits from acquiring the financial base that would threaten the bigoted monopoly of the Brahman - Baniya "twice born" ruling class (castes) on power, big business and corruption. 

It is this same selective application of prosecution for corruption on backward castes and Dalits that ensured the arrest of the Dalit politician Raja for the alleged crime of inappropriate allocation of spectrum to mobile phone operators, while letting scot free all the previous ministers of telecommunication who were guilty of the same practice because the previous ministers were of Brahman - Baniya - Kshatriya "twice born" "origin" or in marital relations with Brahman or "twice born" Hindus.

For the same reasons stated above, powerful government officials, businessmen, politicians and movie stars from backward caste, Dalit or Muslim background who “do not” appease the Brahman – Baniya “twice born” upper castes (and their “Hindu” agenda) will find themselves encountering problems such as income tax raids, accusations and prosecutions for corruption or various other obstacles to run them out of their careers, businesses or jobs. This is why many movie actors (who don’t belong to Brahman – Baniya – Kshatriya “twice born” Hindu background) marry Brahman women. This explains why many famous Muslim actors have Brahmin wives. This is why politicians from backward caste or Dalit background face accusations and prosecutions for corruption while Brahman – Baniya - Kshatriya “twice born” political and corporate classes have never been even accused or seriously prosecuted for their entrenched corruption that impoverished India for centuries,  particularly since independence. While the Brahman – Baniya – Kshatriya “twice born” Hindu ruling class has waived income tax monies owed by business houses controlled or benefited by “twice born” Hindus to the tune of 83 billion dollars in six years from 2005 to 2011, businesses owned by Shudras or Dalits will not get such bailouts from the Government of India.

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